WR Engineering Pennant Wrap Round 7

by admin on March 19, 2018

Round 7 17/18 March 2018
As the mighty Genesis* said, there was “evidence of Autumn” this weekend!  With foul winds buffeting all venues, it was unpleasant for all involved.  Not only was the wind a pain, leaves and branches were creating havoc.  Maybe that’s why so many games had extreme results? Round 7 17/18 March 2018
As the mighty Genesis* said, there was “evidence of Autumn” this weekend!  With foul winds buffeting all venues, it was unpleasant for all involved.  Not only was the wind a pain, leaves and branches were creating havoc.  Maybe that’s why so many games had extreme results? 
Grade 1 – Incredibly, Yass was able to take all three rinks from Belconnen, whilst only winning by 4 shots overall! What a game that must have been!  The win for Yass puts them just outside the 4 and relegates Belconnen to 7th – with both teams yet to have the bye. FS 56-52 (3-0)  Weston Creek defeated Canberra on two rinks with Jamie Reynolds again being “on song”. What a fabulous addition to our player pool this chap has made, reflected by the recent announcement of his snagging an ACT rep Skip role.  FS 56-46 (2-1).  Tuggeranong get a rest this coming week and will no doubt use it to try to regroup after their 3 rink loss to City.  David Hill’s rink dominated but Rob Kelly and Cliff Gilbert would also be pleased with their wins.  FS 78-25 (3-0).  It was windy in the City too when Canberra North hosted QRSLM.   Mark Ebsworth’s rink was the best performed but Rob Craven’s also did well. Wade Turner’s rink win was sealed with a last end 4! FS 74-45 (3-0).  The skips ladder has Queanbeyan’s Scott Dagwell still on top despite having the bye this weekend.  Weston Creek sit comfortably on top of the table, undefeated.  Then follows QRSLM, Queanbeyan and City – only 1 point separating places 2-4.

Grade 2 – Belconnen defeated Weston Creek at Weston in a huge turnaround from their first meeting when the Creek took all 12 points with a 29 shot difference.  This time around, WC only took one rink, that skipped by Jeff Bradley.  Belconnen’s Robert Frankcom and John Bice had good wins to get the big board points.   FS 64-60 (2-1).  In the other match of the grade, Queanbeyan had a strong win over Canberra North, taking all three rinks.  Best performed rink was skipped by Garry Smith with a 16 shot win. FS 68-47 (3-0).

Grade 3 – Goulburn enjoyed a win over Weston Creek thanks to an exceptional rink win by John Ensby’s rink.  Phil Black and Norm Stewart both won their rinks for Weston Creek (oh, and welcome back, Blackie!).  FS 64-57 (1-2).  Yowani had to face Tuggeranong in both 3rd and 5th grades this week and it didn’t go their way in either.  In this grade, Tuggeranong earned 11 points due to a rink draw to Dale Budnick/ Flynn O’Shaughnessy, and rink wins to Brian Smith and Brendan Spaven – Brendan’s win adding 11 shots to his shots difference calculation.  FS 70-51 (2.5-.5)  QRSLM travelled to Yass where they recorded good rink wins for Darren Walsh and Neil Craven, giving them the overall win and 10 points. FS 68-47 (2-1).  After the weekends results, only 3 points separate the top four so the remaining three rounds will be hotly contested.

Grade 4 – Tuggeranong defeated Canberra with “El Pres” McKay winning his rink for the Canberra team.  However, it was again Ben Griffiths who bought home the bacon for the reds winning his rink by 11 shots.  The manager stressed, however, that everyone contributed to the win (so it’s not all about Ben!)!   FS 62-52 (2-1)  Over at Queanbeyan, (Qbn vs WC) you’d think it was a typo but no, Darryl Peters’ rink posted a 33 shot win over their opponents.  Surely that will go down in the record for this year as the biggest rink win?  The Creek’s Wally Kuhn had a good win on his rink but it was not enough to counter the other result.   FS 74-52 (1-2)  Over in the Lilac City Goulburn notched up its second win, this time over City, in a massive reversal of scores from the first time they met.  Goulburn’s Harry Price was the best performed with a 21 shot win on his rink.  This result, and the loss by Weston Creek, sees Goulburn into the four, relegating WC to 5th. FS 73-50 (2-1)). After this weekend, Tuggeranong have a firm hold on the top spot with a 12 shot lead over second placed Queanbeyan.  Canberra and Goulburn round out the top four.

Grade 5 – QRSLM again faced the lads from Yass, this time on their own home green.  With only 5 shots in it, Yass’s Peter Fahey lead his rink to a 6 shot win but it wasn’t enough to counter rink wins to Michael White and John Gerakiteys.  Crowd favourites were undisputedly the young leads, Liam Walsh for QRSL and Ben Fahey from Yass.  FS 50-55 (2-1).  Another close one between Belconnen and Canberra North saw a 2 rink win to Belco by only 5 shots.  Peter Totterdell again had the best result for Canberra North whereas Stephen Young skipped Belco’s best rink, keeping him at the top of the skips ladder. FS 54-49 (2-1).  At the Country Club this time, Tuggeranong was again too strong for Yowani.  They shared the rink wins one apiece and drew the third but the three shot difference was enough to give the big board points to the Reds.  A big shout out to Tuggeranong’s Robert Taggart  – here’s hoping your hand is on the mend soon (apparently picked a fight with a door…. or something like that anyway! Lol!)  FS 61-57 (1.5-1.5)  Tuggeranong are on top of the ladder in this grade too, but only 12 points separate first and last so it’s not a done deal yet!
Grade 6 – City defeated Bungendore on the synthetic at Canberra.   It was a very close game and towards the end, when given a word of encouragement, Bungendore was heard to reply “we’re tryyyyying” – in that exasperated tone – you know the one, most frequently mastered by teenagers…!.  But alas, it was not to be.  Despite City taking all three rinks there was only a 6 shots difference –– indicating that all rinks must have been close.  Brock Edwards was at the helm for the first time and performed admirably for Bungendore, whilst “Tommy”, “Bill” and “Ron” were the best players for City.  FS 51-45 (3-0).  The remaining grade 6 matches saw some big scores posted.  Weston Creek showed no mercy in their 3 rink win over Goulburn at Goulburn.  Steve Gluhak had the best rest winning by 24 shots.  FS 79-39 (3-0).  Down south, Tuggeranong had a big 3 rink win over Queanbeyan.  All rinks performed well – John Southwell’s contributing 15 to the shots difference.   FS 79-46 (3-0).  The final four in this grade looks fairly safe with Tuggeranong on top, followed by Queanbeyan, Bungendore and City quite a long way in front of the next placed teams.

*The band, not the bible!

Men’s Pennant Skips Ladder after Round 7
Grade 1 Scott Dagwell (Qbn) 8/34
Grade 2 Bruce Waugh (WC) 6/26
Grade 3 Stewart Norman (WC) 8/33
Grade 4 Ben Griffiths (Tugg) 10/45
Grade 5 Stephen Young (Bel) 10/20
Grade 6 Jeffery Richards (Tugg) 12/52

Women’s Pennant Round 7
Weston Creek cemented their top of the table standing when they defeated Canberra North/Yass on both rinks on the weekend.  Marg Bacchetto’s rink had a 9 shot win, ably supported by Kristen Steele’s 5 shot win.  WC are the only undefeated team in this competition.  FS 43-29 (2-0)  Only 2 points separate second placed Tuggeranong and third placed Belconnen after their match where the northsiders picked up the major points.  With 1 rink apiece, Nicole Mengel’s rink made the difference with their 6 shot win. FS 39-34 (1-1)  Queanbeyan Gold and Norths had a very close match this week with one rink drawn and the other having only 3 shots in it – Norths being the victor. FS 39-42 (.5-1.5).  Over on the synthetic, Canberra played host to QRSLM where the rink wins were shared.  Catherine Hunt’s rink was the best on the day with a 9 shot win. FS 43-37 (1-1).  City, on their temporary home ground Canberra North, were pushed to the line by Queanbeyan Blue, taking home the major points by virtue of a rink draw and a one shot win.  This one shot to Ruth Moore’s rink was enough to see her move to the top of the skips ladder, the only skip with 10 out of a possible 10 points! FS 37-36 (1.5-.5)
Skips Ladder Round 7
Ruth Moore (City) 10/27
Margaret Bacchetto (WC) 8/48
Ingrid Griffiths (Tugg) 8/36
Nicole Mengel (Bel) 8/22