Round 7 Pennant Wrap

by Bowls ACT on March 27, 2019

Grade 1 – Canberra North were on the good side of a one shot win this week when they defeated Canberra.  Rob Kelly’s rink (CN) got up by 10, as did Cliff Gilbert’s (Can), so if was down to David Hill’s 1 shot rink win to make the difference.  Final Score CN 52, Can 51 (2-1)  Despite taking two rinks, Belconnen was unable to topple Queanbeyan due to the pesky Robert Chesher’s rink and their +13 shot win! Fresh from his ACT Singles win, Shane Murton led his rink to victory, as did Peter Watts. Final Score Bel 49, Qbn 53 (2-1).  QRSL won two rinks against Yass at Yass.  Robert Craven’s and Chris Grebert’s rinks had strong wins for the Queanbeyan lads, whereas Breeze Howard skipped Yass’s winning rink.  Final Score Yass 50, QRSLM 68 (1-2) Out at Tuggeranong, the men in black (ok, red and black!) gave the Creekers their closest match so far when they got to within 6 shots of an upset. Andrew Ashlin and Mac McLean skipped their rinks to wins for WC, whereas Brett Perrin’s rink was the winning Tuggeranong one.  Final Score Tugg 61 , WC 67 (1-2) Current Ladder WC 54, QRSLM 35, CN 30, Tug 30, Bel 29, Qbn 24, Yass 21, Can 17.

Grade 2 – QRSL had a 6 shot win over Belconnen.  Rink wins to Neil Craven and Darren Walsh for QRLS, too big to be countered by John Magg’s rink win for Belco.  Final score QRSLM 63, Bel 57 (2-1-)  Tuggeranong had a good win over Qbn, taking two rinks.  Best performed was David Pruss’s rink (T) with a +13.  Other winners were Dale Budnick (T) and Wayne McLennan (Q).  Final Score Tugg 65, Qbn 51 (2-1).  Canberra North had a day they’d rather forget when Weston Creek handed them a sizeable defeat.  Norm Stewart’s rink was the best performed with a 22+ win. WC welcomed back Peter Bowman after a stint elsewhere!  Final Score CN 39, WC 80 (0-3).  Current ladder:  QRSL 55, Belc 53, WC 48, Qbn 44, Tugg 34, Can 18,

 Grade 3 – Yass dealt Tuggeranong a nasty blow to their finals hopes with a massive 28 shot, 3 rink win.  All skips had strong scores:  Alan Tindale 11+, Jason Rath 7+ and Barry Bush 10+.  Final Score Yass 75, Tugg 47 (3-0)  Yowani also posted a big score, against the lads from Canberra. Flynn O’Shaughnessy’s rink contributed 24+ shots to the total whereas Stephen Lunts rink contributed 9+.  Canberra’s only point of the match came from David Kimber’s rink which drew with Greg Peppers rink.  Final Score Yow 80, Can 45 (2.5 – 0.5)  Weston Creek managed to give Goulburn a rare rink loss when they played at the Creek.  Continuing their pattern, John Ensby and Hayden Ward had strong wins for Goulburn whereas Tug Wilson skipped the Creeks winning rink.  Final Score WC 39, Gbn 55 (1-2)  Current Ladder Gbn 74, Yass 61, WC 34, Yow 31, Tugg 29, Can 23

Grade 4 – All the grade 4 matches were close this week.  Tuggeranong posted a 5 shot win over Queanbeyan despite only winning one rink.  Garry Goodman’s 13+ rink win (T) was enough to counter the wins by David Van Reesch and Darryl Peters (Q)  Final Score Tugg 56, Qbn 51 (1-2).  Weston Creek defest4ed Belconnen with wins on two rinks.  Jack Boom and John Williams were the winning skips for the Creek whereas Bruce Hancock’s rink was the winning one for Belco.    Final Score WC 68, Bel 54 (2-1)  QRSL was defeated by Canberra North but all rinks were very close.  QRSL’s winning skip was Peter Walker, whereas Rob Rawson and Murray Sutherland were the North’s winning skips.  Final Score QRSLM 59, CN 67 (1-2)  Current ladder:  QRSL 52, Tugg 50, CN 42, Belc 37, Qbn 36, WC 35.

Grade 5 – Goulburn continued its stampede towards the finals with a strong win over Bungendore. Paul Johnson 23+ and Reg AThoms 10+ were the best for Goulburn.  Final Score Bung 41, Gbn 75 (0-3).  Yass also had a 3 rink win, this time over Canberra North.  Matthew Waters’s rink was the best performed.   Final Score Yass 62, CN 47 (3-0).  QRSLM’s Mick White’s rink was their sole source of points when they were defeated by Belconnen. John Hammond for Belconnen was he best performed skip on the day.  Final Score QRSLM 57 Bel 66 (1-2).  In the remaining match of the round, Queanbeyan defeated Tuggeranong on all rinks.  One rink was close but the rinks skipped by Stuart Green and John Dagwell had good wins.  Final Score Tugg 45, Qbn 64 (0-3).  Current Ladder:  Gbn 62, Yow 46, QRSL 45, Bel 41, Yass 38, Qbn 35, Bung 29, CN 26, Tug 14.

Women’s Grade

Tuggeranong showed their superiority when they soundly defeated QRSL2.  Good news story out of that match was the sound performance put in by new player Margaret Argue playing lead.  Final Score Tugg 66, QRSL2 15 (2-0)  Belconnen struggled against the QRSL1 team going down on both rinks.  Loretta Gillespie was the best skip of the day with an 18+ result.  Final Score Bel 19, QRSL1 40 (0-2)  In probably the biggest shock of the season, Queanbeyan defeated the previously undefeated Canberra, thanks to the 7+ win on Donna Seddon’s rink.  Lois Waters skipped her rink to a win (and incidentally went on to take out her 5th ACT singles Championship the following day! – way to go Lois!)  Final Score Can 39, Qbn 45 (1-1)

One and a half teams from Canberra North made the trip to Yass when the CN/Yass team played the other CN team! (Note to self:  that could have been better scheduled!) Hilary Merrit’s rink had a good win but it paled compared to Deb McGown’s 24+ win!  Final Score CN/Yass 26, CN 61 (0-2)  WC bye

Current Ladder WC 40, Can 40, QRSL1 36, CN 32, Tugg 26, Qbn 26, Bel 14, QRSL2 10, CN/Y 0 (Byes still to come for Tuggeranong and CN/Yass)

Lastly, and not in any way pennant related – a huge shout out to all who helped our lads finance their way to the Multi-Bowl Disability Championships later this year.  The fundraising effort at Belco raised over $8000 that will go towards future attendance.  Thanks in spades!