Bowls ACT Board Appointments

by Bowls ACT on October 29, 2020

29 October, 2020

Bowls ACT


The Bowls ACT Board is happy to confirm the appointment Chloe Morrison to the Board and the reappointment as an Elected Director of Mark Jennings.

Following the resignations of Marg Bachetto and Jeff Bradley Bowls ACT has appointed Chloe Morrison to the Board in the position of Director of Representative Teams. Mark Jennings resigned from his position as Appointed Director and has been appointed to the position vacated by Jeff Bradley to resume his role on the Board advising in Legal matters. The Board would like to take the opportunity to thank both Marg and Jeff for their contributions to Bowls ACT during their time on the Board and wish them the best in their endeavours moving forward.

With these position filled the Board has moved to incorporate Board members into portfolios designed to maximise their expertise in different areas. The Bowls ACT Board has identified several areas which they will focus on improving over the coming months. In October Bowls ACT has begun a review into their current financial state in order to reassess current practices and processes. This financial review will allow Bowls ACT to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and to develop a business plan moving forward into 2021.

To access further details about the Board Portfolios and the Bowls ACT Strategic Plan 2019-222 click on the appropriate link below.

2020-21 Bowls ACT Board Portfolios

2019-22 Bowls ACT Strategic Plan