2020 ACT Men’s Over 60 Pairs – Draw

by Bowls ACT on November 3, 2020

3 November, 2020

Bowls ACT

We are pleased to announce the draw for the Men’s Over 60 Pairs to be held at Tuggeranong Vikings Lawn Bowls Club on the 10th and 11th of November (12th if required).

Times below will be for the beginning of practice rounds. Rinks to be advised when receiving scorecards.

Round 1 – 9:00am
Lead/Skip Lead/Skip
Chudleigh/Knight vs Meiska/Bradley
Pruss/Taylor vs Tormey/Stewart
Storrier/Kensit vs Hawke/Walsh
Holmes/Lalor vs Saunders/Jackson
Smith/Gilbert vs Hawthorne/McCaskill
Dunn/Writer vs Mitchell/Vietch
Mullens/Read vs Collins/Lauchland
Marks/Deeves vs MacCready/Mason
Cutler/Ward vs McNamara/McInnes
Smith/Brookman vs Shepherd/Smith
Wallis/Kimber vs Lenaghan/McCarthy
Clarke/Cottle vs Kelly/Jeffries
Hueston/White vs Peric/Ashlin
Bentley/Fowler vs Vince/Ross
Corby/Budnick vs Rapana/Harris
Cox/Lang vs Pollock/Brewis
Round 2 – 11:30am
Lead/Skip Lead/Skip
Chudleigh/Knight vs Hawke/Walsh
Pruss/Taylor vs Lenaghan/McCarthy
Storrier/Kensit vs Cutler/Ward
Holmes/Lalor vs McNamara/McInnes
Smith/Gilbert vs Shepherd/Smith
Meiska/Bradley vs Clarke/Cottle
Dunn/Writer vs Hueston/White
Mullens/Read vs Saunders/Jackson
Marks/Deeves vs Smith/Brookman
Mitchell/Vietch vs Vince/Ross
Wallis/Kimber vs Peric/Ashlin
Tormey/Stewart vs Hawthorne/McCaskill
MacCready/Mason vs Corby/Budnick
Bentley/Fowler vs Pollock/Brewis
Kelly/Jeffries vs Rapana/Harris
Collins/Lauchland vs Cox/Lang
Round 3 – 2pm
Lead/Skip Lead/Skip
Chudleigh/Knight vs Rapana/Harris
Pruss/Taylor vs Wallis/Kimber
Storrier/Kensit vs Clarke/Cottle
Holmes/Lalor vs Dunn/Writer
Smith/Gilbert vs Cutler/Ward
Meiska/Bradley vs Corby/Budnick
Mullens/Read vs McNamara/McInnes
Hawke/Walsh vs Marks/Deeves
Mitchell/Vietch vs Saunders/Jackson
Smith/Brookman vs Tormey/Stewart
Hueston/White vs Vince/Ross
Peric/Ashlin vs Kelly/Jeffries
MacCready/Mason vs Bentley/Fowler
Shepherd/Smith vs Pollock/Brewis
Lenaghan/McCarthy vs Cox/Lang
Hawthorne/McCaskill vs Collins/Lauchland