2020 ACT Men’s Over 60 Pairs

by corourke on November 11, 2020

11 November, 2020

The 2020 ACT Men’s Over 60 Pairs hosted a full competition with 32 teams entering and playing for the title. Running over November 10th and 11th with a total of 55 matches played over two days, the tournament ending up with the Semi Final having teams from four different Bowls ACT Clubs.

Day 1

Day 1 action

Day 1 featured three round robin matches for each team, with the top 8 to progress to the knockout stages on the 11th.

Round 1 saw plenty of tight matches, with the highlight being a draw between the teams of Fowler and Ross. The matchplay continued through round two with the top 8 starting to take some shape.

From the Final round of matches we saw the results confirmed as the final matchcard came through with Brookman/Smith moving up into the top 8, unfortunately sending Lalor/Holmes out and dashiong their hopes of a second day. The top 8 finished as;

    1. Ward/Cutler – Goulburn Railway Bowling Club
    2. Pruss/Taylor – Tuggeranong Vikings Lawn Bowls Club
    3. Mullens/Read – Queanbeyan RSLM Bowling Club
    4. Brookman/Smith – Canberra Bowling Club
    5. Budnick/Corby – Tuggeranong Vikings Lawn Bowls Club
    6. Ashlin/Peric – Weston Creek Men’s Bowling Club
    7. Bradley/Meiksa – Weston Creek Men’s Bowling Club
    8. White/Hueston – Canberra North Bowling Club

Day 2

Day 2 saw the top 8 going head to head in the knockout stages, with each team looking to make their claim on the title.

Number 1 seed Ward/Cutler from Goulburn Railway Bowling Club almost fell to an upset in the quarter finals, finishing as a draw before taking the win in a final end. Skips traded shot for shot throughout the match, with Ward capitalising on the second to last bowl of the match to take the Jack and the win.

Meanwhile next door Brookman/Smith took out a the win despite a spirited comeback from Budnik/Corby who pulled back 5 shots over the final 3 ends to fall just short. In the other matches Ashlin/Peric and Pruss/Taylor took out big wins against their opponents to move through to the Semi Finals.

Quarter Final Results

Ward/Cutler 11 – 10 White/Hueston

Budnick/Corby 12 – 13 Brookman/Smith

Pruss/Taylor 15 – 7 Bradley/Meiksa

Peric/Ashlin 16 – 6 Mullens/Read

Players Warm up for the Semi-Finals

The Semi Finals saw the tournament turn on its head with the top two seeds both knocked out in some fantastic play. Pruss and Taylor set out on an early lead before the match was leveled up at 6 apiece on the 7th end. From there though it was all Ashlin and Peric with the pair taking some big ends to round out the match despite the best efforts of Pruss and Taylor.

Final Score: Pruss/Taylor 10 – 17 Peric/Ashlin

Meanwhile on Rink 10 it was another close matchup for both pairs. The pair of Ward/Cutler from Goulburn made a fantastic start, putting themselves up 6 to nothing after the third end. From there the match began to level out with a big end in the 6th from Brookman and Smith giving them four shots before levelling the scores on the next end. The teams traded blows for the remainder of the match but it was Brookman and Smith from Canberra Bowling Club who ended up taking out the win.

Final Score: Brookman/Smith 14 – 12 Ward/Cutler

Ted Smith in action

With Brookman and Smith’s history of close games in the tournament the Final was all set to be a classic battle. Brookman/Smith took an early opportunity to grab a 2 shot lead after the first end before Ashlin/Peric grabbed some big totals taking a lead of 10 shots after the 7th end. The match followed tit for tat after the 7th end but it was the ground work from Ashlin and Peric that proved too big a hurdle to overcome for the duo from Canberra Bowling Club. The match rounded out after 14 ends, finishing with Ashlin/Peric up by 11 shots.

Final Score: Ashlin/Peric 20 – 9 Brookman/Smith

Winners: Andrew Ashlin and Ivan Peric – Weston Creek Men’s Bowling Club
Runners Up: Manny Brookman and Ted Smith – Canberra Bowling Club

Left to Right – Ted Smith, Manny Brookman, Andrew Ashlin, Ivan Peric

Bowls ACT would like to take the opportunity to thank the Tuggeranong Vikings Lawn Bowls Club for hosting the event. Coming in at the 11th hour they put on a phenomenal tournament that will be remember for some time in the future.

Thank you to all of those involved in the tournament, from playing to officiating and administration. If you’re looking for your next fix Vikings Bowls Club Inc. will be hosting the Women’s Over 60 Pairs next week on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of November so come along and support your club.