2021 AMA Projects Invitational Singles Venue

by corourke on June 3, 2021

Bowls ACT is happy to inform its members that Queanbeyan RSLM Bowling Club will be the host of the 2021 AMA Projects Invitational Singles.

Queanbeyan RSLM Bowling Club has set a high standard in the running of tournaments through 2021 and the quality of the greens makes it a fantastic choice for the hosting of the tournament. Following on the standard set by Vikings for the Pennant Grand Finals, QRSLMBC have shown what it takes to host events and are all set to host the tournament next month.

The competitors are locked in and set to be announced over the coming weeks as we close in on the tournament. Set the date aside to come and watch the best bowlers in the region go head to head across the 3rd and 4th of July.

Bowls ACT would like to thank Queanbeyan RSLM Bowling Club for accepting the invitation to host and are extremely excited for the tournament next month.