Singles and Pennants

by corourke on March 25, 2022

We’ve got plenty in store for the weekend across March 26 and 27 as we reach the halfway mark in the Pennants and cross through the Round of 16 and Quarter finals in the Singles. We’ve got the one stop shop for all of the information you need this weekend below.


A massive weekend in store for the Pennants as we breach the halfway mark. Plenty of movement across round 4 and a bit to dig into for the upcoming round. A huge clash in store at Queanbeyan BC as they host crosstown rivals in Grade 4 as a top of the table clash. That and more in the Pennant IN FOCUS. Find all the information in the link below.

Pennant IN FOCUS – March 25


We’re through the Sectional in the Men’s draw and into the Round of 16 for the Women’s. Plenty of action coming up this weekend at QRSL so check out the draws below. Alternatively you can head over to the results portal to find all the matches.


Match 11Hammond, M  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 21Gabrielsen, Z  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 31Johnston, B  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 41Birch, J  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 51McAlister, H  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 61Fahey, P  Ward, H26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 71Charker, G  Elliott, G26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 81Howell, D  McInnes, P26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 91Reynolds, J  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 101Tonkin, A  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 111Walsh, D  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 121Sleigh, C  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 131Jarvie, T  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 141De Pasquale, C  BYE26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 151Thomson, M  Peric, I26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 161Fawthrop, M  Farr, D26 March 2022 @9.30am
Match 172Hammond, M  Gabrielsen, Z26 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 182Johnston, B  Birch, J26 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 192McAlister, H  Winner of Match 626 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 202Winner of Match 7  Winner of Match 826 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 212Reynolds, J  Tonkin, A26 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 222Walsh, D  Sleigh, C26 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 232Jarvie, T  De Pasquale, C26 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 242Winner of Match 15  Winner of Match 1626 March 2022 @12.30am
Match 253Winner of Match 17  Winner of Match 1826 March 2022 @2.30pm
Match 263Winner of Match 19  Winner of Match 2026 March 2022 @2.30pm
Match 273Winner of Match 21  Winner of Match 2226 March 2022 @2.30pm
Match 283Winner of Match 23  Winner of Match 2426 March 2022 @2.30pm
Match 294Winner of Match 25  Winner of Match 264 April 2022 @ 10.00am
Match 304Winner of Match 27  Winner of Match 284 April 2022 @ 10.00am
Match 315Winner of Match 29  Winner of Match 304 April 2022 @ 1.00pm


Match 493Moore, RDowley, G26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 503Hancock, JCartledge, K26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 513Clout, JPritchard, A26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 523Elliott, KStitt, M26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 533Morrison, CBirch, L26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 543Waters, LDunn, J26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 553Bannerman, MSeddon, D26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 563Steele, SMarquet, D26th March 2022 @ 9:30am
Match 574Winner of Match 49Winner of Match 5026th March 2022 @ 12:30pm
Match 584Winner of Match 51Winner of Match 5226th March 2022 @ 12:30pm
Match 594Winner of Match 53Winner of Match 5426th March 2022 @ 12:30pm
Match 604Winner of Match 55Winner of Match 5626th March 2022 @ 12:30pm
Match 615Winner of Match 57Winner of Match 582nd April 2022 @ 10:00am
Match 625Winner of Match 59Winner of Match 602nd April 2022 @ 10:00am
Match 636Winner of Match 61Winner of Match 622nd April 2022 @ 1:00pm