Ron Tuckerman Reaches 500

by corourke on May 10, 2022

In what was a thrilling weekend of Bowls across the Pennant competitions there was one achievement that stands out as recognition of a wonderful life of Bowls.

Ron Tuckerman of Yowani CC Bowling Club reached a truly magnificent milestone on Saturday in Grade 6, bringing up his 500th Pennant match for the Club. A feat not to be underestimated, Ron’s bowling career began as an inaugural member of Yowani CC Bowling Club in 1968 and continues through to today, representing over 50 years of commitment to the club and the game.

It can be hard to list achievements across such a span of time without undoubtedly missing a few along the way, but we’ll have a good crack with the list below. As you move through the list it might be worth taking the chance to recognise just how much impact Ron has had on the sport of bowls across not only the ACT, but across Australia.

Yowani Bowls Committee – 1971-1977

Yowani Bowls Committee President – 1974-1977

Bowls ACT – 1978-1982

Bowls ACT President – 1986-1988

Bowls Australia Vice President – 1990-1992

Bowls Australia (Australian Bowls Council) President – 1992/3

Bowls Australia Chairman of Selectors – 1989-1992

Chief Minister’s Medal – 2008

Yowani Country Club – Life Member

Bowls ACT – Life Member

Member of ACT Sport Hall of Fame

Throughout such a long and stellar career within the sport of Bowls, Ron has always conducted himself with patience, determination, and commitment. His longevity in the sport and the accolades along the way truly represent the character that Ron displays on and off the greens and is a testament to the way he represents himself.

Peter Grills, Yowani CC Bowling Club President, had this to add when speaking about Ron’s achievement;

Over the years, Ron has played in every Pennants Grade level that Yowani has entered teams in, and in most positions in the teams. In his 500th game he played as no 2 in its Grade 6 team, but his enthusiasm and commitment is just as strong as if he were skipping Yowani’s top Grade.   When I played my 1st Pennants game a few years ago, Ron was the skip of my team, and he was terrific to me – patient and encouraging – and usually tolerant – except when I did not put my bowl where he wanted it!

No doubt Ron isn’t the first to lose some patience when the bowl didn’t land where it need, and no doubt he will be the last, but over 50 years of being involved in the sport means that there must be a point where it gets too much! A truly remarkable career in the sport of bowls, we would like to take the opportunity as a community to give a tip of the hat to Ron and join in with Yowani CC Bowling Club in congratulating Ron on his achievement last Saturday and hoping for even more to come.