Circular 38 – Doran Bowl 2022

by Bowls ACT on November 23, 2022

It is with pleasure that Bowls ACT release the draw for the 2022 Doran Bowl, to be played at Tuggeranong Bowling Club.

The Doran Bowl is one of the ACT’s longest standing events, with history dating back to 1954. Doran Bowl side consists of a team of 4 players, generally from the same Club.  The exception to the same club rule is when a composite team is created to allow more players to compete.  The Club of the winning team becomes the host for the following year’s event.  The composite team is eligible to win the event, but in this case, the next placed team will be the host for the following year.  Players may change positions between the first and second matches. 

Vikings and Bowls ACT welcome all visitors wishing to attend and watch some of the next generation of female players test themselves on the green.

Event Format

The draw will be an open draw conducted prior to the event.  There will be 2 matches, each of 15 ends, separated by a lunch break. Two Bowls each.  The winner will be the team with, firstly, the most wins.  If teams have an equal number of wins, then the team with the best margin (ie shots difference) is the winner. If sides are still equal, the winner will be the side with the greatest shots for.

Two (2) trial ends shall be permitted at the commencement of the first game.

Dead ends do not count – ends to be replayed.


9:20 am –Calling of Cards

9:30 am – Trial Ends

9:45 am – first match commences

12:15 or thereabouts – Lunch

1:00 pm or thereabouts – second match commences

NB: the timing of lunch and the second match to be adjusted if necessary depending on the finishing time of the first match.


Participants are expected to compete in club attire.

Controlling Body

The host Club is the event controlling body.  The controlling body may change the event format if required due to inclement weather.