Draft Revised Constitution 01052019

The Board has drafted a series of revisions to the current Constitution of Bowls ACT.   As explained in the Executive Summary, the significant changes are as a result of changes to relevant Legislation.   The rest of the changes are generally to clarify previous clauses that have caused confusion, and to correct some previously unnoticed inconsistencies.  There has also been some reordering of the paragraphs/clauses to improve “readability”. (See below for Links to documents.)

The Board will put these to the members for approval at the upcoming AGM (See Circular 13 of 2019). As this requires a Special Resolution, approval will require a 75% positive vote.

To assist Members, and their Club nominees who will be required to vote on the amendments, we are holding an information session on the changes.  This meeting will be facilitated by our Legal Advisor, Mark Jennings.  The information session will be held on Wednesday 8 May commencing 6:00pm in meeting room 1,Chifley Health and Wellbeing Hub, Cnr Mclaurin and Eggleston Crescents,Chifley.  (RSVP of attendance by COB Tuesday would be helpful, just to ensure we have sufficient chairs setup etc.).  Look for signs to the meeting room at the venue.

Draft Constitution 01052019

Executive Summary of Changes to Draft Constitution 01052019

Outline of Amendments to Draft Constitution 01052019

The current Constitution can be downloaded from the Bowls ACT website under “About Us”, “Policies and Documents” (top right hand corner of home page).