2015 Conditions of Play

by admin on February 3, 2015

The Bowls ACT Conditions of Play for 2015 have been finalized.  The significant changes are as follows:
*  There is a new edition of the Laws of Bowls (Crystal Mark Edition 3) with Domestic Regulations and these laws and DRs now apply to Bowls ACT events.  Copies are on sale at the Bowls Warehouse.
*  Of particular relevance to the new pennant season there are new DRs that provide for:
o    A fours team (in a side) will play only 6 bowls if one member is absent – see DR 2.5. It used to be 8 bowls played but with a 25% reduction in shots on that rink. 
o    Seconds will now keep the scorecard.  DR 3.2
*  Clubs now have explicit responsibilities to notify Bowls ACT if they wish to play a player whose declared club is elsewhere in the ACT, or in another STA. See 2.3 (e) and (f).
*  Rink wins have been removed as a determinant of ladder position if match points are equal (as agreed at the Pennant Review meeting 2014). See 3.2.19.
*  Finals arrangements for a Grade containing only four sides have been clarified in 3.2.21 (e). This will apply to Women’s Grade 2 this year.
            *  Appendix A which lists all changes from the 2014 CoP.
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