2022 Mid-Week Pennant

The 2022 Mid-Week Pennant season is in full swing with 24 teams competing. Keep up-to-date with the ladder and your club below.

Womens Midweek LadderMens Midweek Ladder
Grade 1Grade 1
Grade 2Grade 2

Pennant IN FOCUS

Pennant in Focus will return for the Open-Gender competition season in 2023.

If you’ve got a story to tell then we’re more than happy to share it with the community through the Pennant IN FOCUS. Send your story through to Bowls ACT via and we’ll see if we can give you a slot and give everyone a break from the ramblings of the EO.

Pennant IN FOCUS 2022 – Issues

Pennant IN FOCUS – March 4

Pennant IN FOCUS – March 11

Pennant IN FOCUS – March 17

Pennant IN FOCUS – March 27

Pennant IN FOCUS – April 3

Pennant IN Focus – April 10