Bowls ACT conducts two Championship Fours Events; one for male 
bowlers registered with an affiliated Club and one for female bowlers registered with an affiliated Club.

2021 ACT Fours

The 2021 ACT Fours are set to go ahead on the 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th of June (as required) with the Men’s competition being held at Belconnen Bowling Club and the Women’s being held at Queanbeyan Bowling Club.

2021 ACT Men’s Fours Entry

2021 ACT Women’s Fours Entry

2020 Winners

2020 ACT Men’s Fours Champions – Jason Johnson, Peter Rowe, Wayne Brownlie, Jamie O’Keefe

2020 ACT Women’s Fours Champions – Norma Blunden, Kaye McCaskill, Annette Mitchell, Val Dalton

In addition, Bowls ACT conducts two Sixty and Over Fours events ; one for male bowlers and one for female bowlers aged sixty or over at the date of the event.

L-R: Winners 2019 Men’s 60+ Fours –  D Budnick, D Pruss, A Taylor, P Corby (Tuggeranong)

L-R: Winners 2019 Women’s 60+ Fours – N Nesci, S Warren, K Freeman, M Stitt (Queanbeyan)