Bowls ACT conducts two open Championship Singles Events; one for male
bowlers registered with an affiliated Club and one for female bowlers registered with an affiliated Club.


The 2021 ACT Singles was heavily effected by rains in late March with both the Men’s and Women’s Final having to be delayed. The Women’s Final was played on the 24th of April between Lois Waters and Sharon Steele, won by Lois Waters. The Men’s Final will be held at a date to be confirmed shortly.

2021 ACT Singles Finals

2021 Results

2021 ACT Women’s Singles

Champion – Lois Waters (CBC)

Runner Up – Sharon Steele (WCWBC)

2021 ACT Men’s Singles

Champion – Doug Farr (WCBC)

Runner Up – Brock Edwards (QRSLMBC)

2020 Results

2020 ACT Men’s Singles Champion – Ian Whybrow

2020 ACT Singles Women’s Champion – Chloe Morrison