Bowls ACT conducts two open Championship Singles Events; one for male
bowlers registered with an affiliated Club and one for female bowlers registered with an affiliated Club.

2022 Results

2022 ACT Women’s Singles Finals

Champion – Chloe Morrison

Runner Up – Gina Dowley

2022 ACT Men’s Singles Finals

Champion – Garry Charker

Runner Up – James Reynolds

2021 Results

2021 ACT Singles Finals

2021 ACT Women’s Singles

Champion – Lois Waters (CBC)

Runner Up – Sharon Steele (WCWBC)

2021 ACT Men’s Singles

Champion – Doug Farr (WCBC)

Runner Up – Brock Edwards (QRSLMBC)

2020 Results

2020 ACT Men’s Singles Champion – Ian Whybrow

2020 ACT Singles Women’s Champion – Chloe Morrison