Bowls ACT Board

Composition of the Board 
The Board shall be comprised of a President, Deputy President and four Elected Directors.  In addition, the Board has the power to appoint up to two (2) Appointed Directors at a meeting of the Board for a term of up to two years.

The term for an Elected Director shall be two (2) years from election.

There must be at least two (2) female Elected Directors and at least two (2) male Elected Directors of the Association.

Responsibilities of the Board 
Except as otherwise provided by the Constitution and subject to any resolutions of the Governing Body of the Association; the Board shall be responsible for the management and administration of the affairs, property and funds of the Association.

Bowls ACT Board 2021-22

President: Matthew Styles (Term Expires 2023) – 

Deputy President: Di Marquet (Term Expires 2024) – Sponsorship and Marketing

Appointed Director:  Gayle Young (Term Expires 2024) – (TBA)

Elected Director:  Chloe Morrison (Term Expires 2023) – Representative Programs

Appointed Director:  Paul McAlister (Term Expires 2023) – Junior Development

Appointed Director:  Will Penny  (Term Expires 2024) – Events and Matches