Round 3 Pennant Wrap

by Bowls ACT on February 22, 2019

A very brief one this week as the Wrap-writer was under the weather!

Grade 1 – Well clearly the only “sure thing” is Winx the mighty mare!  Tuggeranong took everyone by surprise taking the major points from QRSLM.  Who’d-a-thunk it!  Rink wins to Turner & Ebsworth (QRSLM) were not enough to counter Ordelman’s (T) big rink win. Final score Tugg 63, QRSLM 61 (1-2).    Weston Ck had three good rinks wins against Canberra.  Final score WC 78, Can 46 (3-0).    The Yass vs Queanbeyan was a close one, with Yass taking 2 rinks to 1. Best performed rink was Breeze Howards (Y) Final score Yass 62, Qbn 57 (2-1).  It was another close game when Norths were home to Belconnen.  Murto (B) had a good rink win, Hilly (CN) also did, whereas the other was close.  Final score CN 51, Belc 56 (1-2). Last year’s grand finalists (QRSLM & WC) at QRSLM may be the game of the round this weekend.

Grade 2 – Tuggeranong defeated Norths at home on all rinks, by 11 shots overall. Final score CN 50, Tug 61 (0-3).  QRSLM defeated WC with rink wins to Walshy and Ready.  Final score QRSLM 61, WC 55 (2-1).  Qbn defeated Belconnen with 2 rinks and 10 shots all up.  Pearso(Q)  had the best rink result.  Final score Qbn 59, Belc 49 (2-1) oh and yes, the skips ladder has spat the dummy!  I will endeavour to resolve!

Grade 3 – Goulburn retained its top of the table position winning its third game on the trot, defeating Tuggeranong.  All rinks were fairly close….Final score Tugg 56, Gbn 63 (1-2).  Weston Creek defeated Canberra with Flaps (WC) having the best rink of the match Final score  WC 65, Can 59 (2-1).  Yowani remained winless after their loss to Yass. Jason Rath (Yas) had the best of Yass’s three good rink wins.  Final score Yow 46, Yass 69 (0-3)

Grade 4 – QRSLM knocked the sox off Weston Creek with a 49 shot win.  Jim Gillespie’s rink contributed 40 of these shots!  Final score QRSLM 91, WC 42 (3-0).  Belconnen defeated Queanbeyan with the Stephen Young (B) rink being the best on the day.  Final score Bel 68, Qbn 61 (2-1)  Tuggeranong continued Norths’ woes defeating them soundly. The  Ron Kropp (T) rink was best performed on the day, with the other two being fairly close.  Final score  Tug 76, CN 52 (2-1)

In Grade 5, Goulburn 5’s maintained the club’s unbeaten record when they defeated Qbn on 2 rinks.   The Jouko Karjalainen (I know he has a nic-name but be blowed if I can remember it! – “Yogi”, I am reliably informed!) rink posted the best result, but El Pres also won his rink! Final score  Gbn 63, Qbn 58 (2-1) Yowani posted its first win of the season, and what a win it was!  They took 3 rinks from Tuggeranong. Jacob Bink’s rink was the best on ground this week.  Final score  Yow71, Tugg 43 (3-0)   QRSLM blitzed through the Yass team winning all rinks, 2 by significant amounts.  Apparently there’s some 8-pins heading the way of the McNamara, Simpson, Lyons, Dargue (QRSLM) rink!  Final score  Yass 39, Qrslm 74 (0-3)  Canberra North sneaked over the line with a one shot win over Belconnen.  What can you say, all rinks were pretty close!  Final score  CN 55, Bel 54 (2-1)  Bungendore had the week off!

There were big scores in all matches in Round 2 of the Women’s Grade.  Canberra’s Mina Bannerman’s rink had a big win whereas the other rink was relatively close.  Final score Can 48, Tug 32 (2-0)  QRSLM also had a good win, this time against the combined Can North/Yass team.  The rinks of Maureen Hunt and Julie Hancock both enhanced their shots difference!  Oh and Happy Birthday, Spud!   Final score QRSLM2 53, Nor/Yas 32 (2-0)

The star studded WC team handed out a lesson to the other CN team defeating them on both rinks.  It was a case of apprentice outscoring master on the Kristen Steele rink!  Final score WC 47, CN 25 (2-0)  In the battle of the Queanbeyan’s, QRSLM earned bragging rights by defeating Qbn on both rinks.  Roofie Moore (!) had a nice rink win but Loretta Gillespie’s rink was on fire with a 16 shot win.   Final score Qbn 23, QRSLM1 45 (0-2)

Belconnen had the bye.  The table is starting to spread out with QRSLM1 and Canberra both being undefeated but with QRSLM having the bye this week, Canberra has the chance to leapfrog them into first spot…