Round 9 Pennant Wrap

by Bowls ACT on April 10, 2019

Grade 1 – Weston Creek has made it to the minor premiership with an unbeaten record when they defeated Canberra North in the final round of the season.  They didn’t have it all their own way however, and were behind on the masterboard for much of the first half of the match.  The return of Paul Totterdell to grade 1 paid off for Norths as his rink posted a win over the rep-player infused opposition (clearly waiting for the coming week to peak!!!).   Typically, though, the Creekers stayed focussed and went on to take the match, thanks to strong rink wins to Ian Whybrow and Andrew Ashlin who were both well supported by their teams. Final Score WC 55, CN 44 (2-1).  Tuggeranong made the trip out to rural Yass where the boys in blue were determined to finish in high style, taking 2 rinks from the Vikings.  This loss, and QRSLM’s 12 point win over Belco, sees Tuggeranong drop down to 3rd, and now having to contest the sudden death semi.  Final Score Yass 58 Tugg 52 (2-1).  Queanbeyan’s one shot win over Canberra ensured they and not Norths made the final four cut.  Scott Dagwell’s rink was down 4-14 on the 10th end but rallied to take out the rink 20-17.  Sean Robertson had another close one, going on to win by 5.  Canberra’s 2 points came from Jamie Freeman’s rink once again.  Final Score Can 54, Qbn 55 (1-2).  QRSLM defeated Belco by a serious 45 shots. Wade Turners rink win was best on the day (+23) but Chris Grebert and Robert Craven also had good wins.  (Robert added to a successful weekend by taking out his club singles with a win over Glenn Morton.)  Final Score QRSLM 73 Belco 28 (3-0).  Final Ladder:  WC 76, QRSLM 48, Tugg 44, Qbn 41 , CN 37, Yass 31, Can 30, Belc 29.

Grade 2 – Belconnen had a one shot, two rink, win over Queanbeyan, putting them alone on top of the table by one point.  John Maggs skipped Belconnen’s best rink whereas Kevin Pearson’s rink was the one that kept the score close.  Bel 58, Qbn 57 (2-1).     Weston Creek 2’s posted the second of the club’s five wins this weekend (a full sweep for the Wildcats, the first in several years)   They defeated QRSLM on 2 rinks, Jeff Bradley’s rink being the best for the wildcats and QRSLMs Neil Craven skipping his Side’s best result.   Final Score WC 49, QRSLM 44 (2-1).  Tuggeranong to 11 points from Norths with the Ben Griffith/Neil Clarke rink drawing, and the Brian Smith and David Pruss rinks winning.  Final Score Tug 72, CN 55 (2.5 – .5)  Current Ladder: Bel 67, WC 66, QRDLM 59, Tugg 55, Qbn 48, CN 29.

Grade 3- Canberra was host to WC but couldn’t stop them from running away with the match by 30 or so shots.  The Jay Cullen and Tug Wilson rinks both had large wins (+16 & +14) whereas the other rink was very close.  Final Score Can 42, WC 73 (3-0).  Yass went down to Yowani on all three rinks.  The Flynn O’Shaughnessy and Stephen Lunt rinks had good wins but the best result came on Greg Peppers rink with a +19.  Final Score Yass 43, Yowani 77 (0-3). Congratulations to Jason Rath for taking out his club singles, too!  Goulburn blitzed Tuggeranong with a 47 shot, 3 rink, win.  I wont single out any rinks as all had substantial wins – Warren Guyer, Hayden Ward and John Ensby! Final Score Gbn 81, Tugg 34 (3-0).

Grade 4 – The Darryl Peters rink did the damage (+12) when Queanbeyan defeated Belconnen. The other two rinks were close .  Final Score Qbn 70, Bel 57 (2-1)  Again in this match, 2 rinks were reasonably close with one (John Williams – WC, +12) making the big difference.  Final Score WC 59, QRSLM 48 (2-1)  Canberra North continued the theme of the other grades going down to Tuggeranong on 3 rinks.  No teams entered online for Tuggeranong so we have to guess who played well!  Final Score CN 50, Tug 66 (0-3)  Current Ladder:  Tugg 65, QRSLM 63, Qbn 56, Bel 47, WC 47, CN 46

Grade 5 – Queanbeyan had a close win over Bungendore. The Bruce Williams rink (Qbn) had a good win as did someone from Bungendore!  (Again no teams entered!)  Final Score Qbn 57, Bung 51 (2-1)  There some huge rink scores in the Norths vs Yowani match.  John O’Donohue (CN) won his rink by some 17 shots, Jacob Bink (Yow) won his rink by some 26 shots and Ron Rooks (Yow) won his by 11!  Final Score CN 64, Yow 84 (1-2)   Yass dealt Goulburn’s minor premiership hopes a blow when they defeated them in the third of Yass’s home games.  Goulburn took 2 rinks, but this was not enough to counter the +26 shot result by Matthew Waters rink for Yass.  Final Score Yass 63, Gbn 46 (1-2).  QRSLM defeated Tuggeranong with a score the reds would rather forget!  Big rinks wins to Michael White, Adam Macnamara and Chris Haines all contributed to a big final score.  Final Score QRSLM 85 Tug 34 (3-0)  Current Ladder:  QRSLM 67, Yow 66, Gbn 66, Bel 51, Yass 48, Qbn 47, Bung 33, CN 31, Tug 23. 


Women’s Grade – Round 9 – State skips Sharon Harmer and Margaret Bacchetto led their teams to good wins over Belconnen at Belconnen.  Final Score Bel 32, WC 49 (0-2)   QRSLM1 cemented their top of the table position when they defeated Norths on both rinks.  Catherine Hunt’s rink was again best on the day.  Final Score CN 33, QRSLM1 47 (0-2)  Canberra North/Yass came close to winning its first game when they went down to Qbn by only 4 shots.  Nerida Black’s rink was Queanbeyan’s best whereas Kate Murray’s rink (with the “nearly 80 year old lead”!) was the best for the home team.  Final Score N/Y 36, Qbn 40 (1-1)  Canberra’s highly experienced Skips Robyn Moxon and Mina Bannerman showed their strength when they defeated the second of QRSLMs teams on both rinks.  Final Score QRSLM2 26, Can 52 (0-2)

Round 8 – The rescheduled games from the previous weekend’s washed out matches were played on Sunday.  Making the trip to Norths again, Queanbeyan could not repeat their win from the day before although this time it was Donna Seddon’s rink that as best for Qbn.  The rink skipped by Deb McGown was again Norths best. Final Score CN 43, Qbn 39 (1-1)  Tuggeranong put an end to the Creek’s minor premiership dream when they defeated them by 4 shots, sharing the rink points.  Marg Bacchetto’s rink was the Creeks best whereas Chloe Morrison’s rink did the damage for the reds.   Final Score Tugg 40, WC 36 (1-1)

With the rounds in the Women’s grade all over, the grade now splits into two for the final series.  The top four placed teams, making up grade 1 are:  QRSLM1, WC, Canberra, Canberra North.  The next four placed teams, making up the grade 2 final series are:  Queanbeyan, Tuggeranong, Belconnen and QRSLM2.

Lastly, Good luck to all the players representing the ACT this week at the National Sides in Ettalong!