Bowls ACT Singles – Nominations Open

by Bowls ACT on February 2, 2023

Bowls ACT are pleased to open the nominations for the prestigious ACT Singles Championship to be played March 18/25 and April 1/15 at Queanbeyan RSL Memorial Bowling Club & Queanbeyan Bowls Club

This season both men and women will play sectional on day one with all players to play a minimum of two games while being required to mark one.  Section winners will progress to the knockout rounds at which point eliminated players may be required to mark subsequent games.

Games will be played to 21 shots for the sectional rounds and for knockout rounds until the semi finals at which point games are played to 25.

Event Format

  • An open draw will be conducted prior to the event. Maximum two (2) trial ends shall be permitted at the commencement of each game.
  • Dead ends do not count – ends to be replayed.
  • Format is four bowl singles played to 21 shots up during sectional play and until the semi-finals. For the Semi-Final & Final the games will be played to 25 shots up
  • Club uniform is to be worn
  • Event winners will be eligible to represent ACT at the 2023 Nationals
  • Prizes – Badges will be awarded plus $100pp for the winners and $50pp for the runners-up
  • The host club is the event controlling body.  The controlling body may change the event format if required due to inclement weather.

Determination of winners (sectional play)

  1. Points
  2. Score difference (margin)
  3. Score Percentage (Shots for divided by shots against)
  4. If all are tied then the result of the game between the two tied players will determine the player to advance