Bowls ACT Members Forum – Yowani 16/11

by Bowls ACT on November 17, 2023

Bowls ACT continue to engage with members with the second forum of 2023

Nearly 30 members representing clubs across the ACT and Capital region descended on Yowani Bowls Club on the evening of Thursday November 16th for the second Bowls ACT members forum of 2023. The forums have provided clubs and members an opportunity to meet with Bowls ACT directors and staff to share ideas and provide two-way education in an informal environment.

Bowls ACT made a presentation touching on Mid-Week & Weekend Pennant, the 2024 Calendar, BowlsLink, Juniors, Representative and the new Graded Reserve Championships with members in attendance given the opportunity to seek clarification and provide comment from their clubs.

Members where given the opportunity to provide feedback with the new Graded Reserve Championships a popular addition to the calendar while the format and days of play for mid-week pennant was also a hot topic which Bowls ACT have committed to seeking feedback from all clubs.

The Over 60’s events were also discussed with Bowls ACT and members gaining understanding of some of the issues experienced by players, with members appreciative of the events move to earlier in the year in 2024.

Weston Creek president Michael Thomson discussed a recruitment initiative which will be formalised and submitted to Bowls ACT which could be adopted by all clubs to assist with new members coming into our sport.

Umpires committee member Bruce Pink outlined some moves to improve the process for accreditations with a move to more online education with regular face-to-face assessment, while ACT Junior Coach George Bruce & BACT director Paul McAlister updated members on some of the positive developments in the junior space, crediting clubs for their ongoing support to junior development.

Members Forums will continue in 2024 as Bowls ACT look to provide further opportunities for clubs, members and Bowls ACT to come together for the overall benefit of the sport.