Round 6 Pennant Wrap

by Bowls ACT on March 20, 2019

Grade 1 – Canberra notched up its first win of the season in spectacular style when they defeated Yass by 27 shots.  Yass won one rink (Breeze Howard’s) but the two other rinks were soundly beaten.  Cliff Gilbert’s +11 & Jamie Freeman’s +20 gave Canberra the points.   Perhaps the return of Jamie Freeman to the Canberra ranks will give them a late season crack at the top four?  Final score Can 69, Yass 42 (2-1).  Down south, Tuggeranong sneaked over the line by one shot against Canberra North.  Fresh from their 5th consecutive Club Pairs title, Robert Kelly and David Hill skipped their respective rinks to good wins (see how I cunningly slipped that in there!) However, a huge rink win to Shane Ordelman’s rink (T) was enough to counter the results on the other two rinks.  Final score Tugg 62 CN 61 (1-2).  QRSLM worked their way into the top four when they won the derby of the Queanbeyans.  The Robert Craven rink had a good rink win for QRSLM, as did the Jason Johnson rink for Queanbeyan.  The remaining rink drew.  Final Score QRSLM 61, Qbn 54 (1.5-1.5).  Weston Creek asserted their dominance over Belconnen, with McLean, Ashlin and Whybrow all skipping their rinks to strong wins.  Final Score WC 78, Bel 46 (3-0).  At the completion of this round, WC sits comfortably on top of the table but it is still open season on the remaining positions. Current  Ladder has WC 44, Tug 28, Bel 25, QRSLM 25, CN 20, Yass 19, Qbn 16, Can 15.

Grade 2 – In the second Queanbeyan local derby, the Campbell Street gang took the full points from QRSLM although all rinks were close.  Final Score Qbn 61, QRSLM 52 (3-0)  Weston Creek took the majority of points thanks primarily to a huge rink win by Norm Stewarts rink.  The other two rinks were won by Tuggeranong but they weren’t enough to turn the tide in their favour.  Final Score WC 61, Tug 51 (1-2)  Out at Belco, a rink apiece were fairly close – the final result being down to a +9 shot rink win for David Gallagher fro Belconnen.  Final Score Bel 65, CN 52 (2-1).  Current Ladder:  Bel 51, QRSLM 45, Qbn 42, WC 36, Tug 24, CN 18

Grade 3  – Goulburn hosted Yowani and again had a great result winning all three rinks.  Hayden Ward’s rink was the best of the day with a +12 shot win.  Final Score Gbn 61, Yow 43 (3-0)  Playing alongside their grade 1 comrades, the Yass chaps had a better outcome defeating Canberra on all rinks.  Rinks skipped by Jason Rath (+15) and Gary Brooker (+15) were most impressive.  Final Score Can 46, Yass 78 (0-3). There were two drawn rinks when WC played Tuggeranong with the difference being down to the +9 on Ross McNamara’s rink.  On one of the drawn rinks (S Smith (T)/ J Cullen (WC), WC was 9 shots up with 6 ends to go, only adding one to their eventual total, whereas Tugg added 10 over the same period.  The other drawn rink was even throughout the match.   Final Score Tug 53, WC 62 (1-2)  Current Ladder:  Gbn 64, Yass 49, WC 32, Tug 29, Can 22, Yow 20

Grade 4 – Canberra North picked up their only win of the round when they defeated Weston Creek by 19 shots across three rinks.  Two rinks were close with Murray Sutherland’s rink making the major difference.  Final Score CN 69, WC 50 (3-0)  Belconnen struggled against Tuggeranong going down on all rinks.  Alan Thatchers +12 shot win was the best of the match.  Final Score Bel 41, Tug 62 (0-3)  In the third Queanbeyan derby of the round, the points went to the Diggers winning all three rinks convincingly.  The rink skipped by Colin Cassidy was the best performed with a +17.  Final Score Qbn 37, QRSLM 66 (0-3)  Current Ladder:  QRSLM 50, Tug 42, Bel 35, Qbn 32, CN 32, WC 25

Grade 5 – Belconnen took two rinks when they defeated Tuggeranong at home.  Rinks skipped by Pat Canny (B) +9 and Gary Green )B) +9 were a tad offset by Tuggeranong’s Jim Quick’s +7 rink win.  Final Score Bel 62, Tug 51 (2-1)  Gouburn continued full steam ahead to a minor premiership goal with a 15 shot, 2 rink win over QRSLM.  ‘El Pres’ (Reg Thoms) skipped his rink to a seriously large +21 shot win!  Final Score Gbn 62, QRSLM 47 (2-1)  At Yowani, there were smiles all round when they ran away with a huge win over Bungendore.  The Phil Beggs and Jacob Bink rinks each had wins of more than 20 shots each.  Final Score Yow 82, Bung 29 (3-0)  Canberra North played host to the lads from Queanbeyan and had wins on two rinks and overall.  One rink was close but the Noel Gallagher rink was best for Norths and the John Dawell rink best for Queanbeyan. Final Score CN 55, Qbn 61 (1-2)  Yass had the bye.  Current Ladder:  Gbn 50, Yow 46, QRSLM 43, Bel 31, Bung 29, CN 26, Yass 26, Qbn 23, Tug 14.  (still to have the bye are Gbn, Yow, Bel)

Women’s Grade

QRSLM1 took the major points from Tuggeranong although the rinks were shared one apiece.  Loretta Gillespie’s rink (QRSLM) found their mojo posting a +16 result.  Jenny Clout (T) led her rink to a good win, despite being down a player for several ends.  I have it on good authority that Heather Goodman, Gillian Harris-Mayes and Kaylene McAullay all had bowls in the head but Jenny Clout was the star of the team!  (By golly she should be in a good mood at work after that wrap!)  Final Score QRSLM1 42, Tug 34 (1-1) Canberra had a win over the as-yet-winless Canberra North/Yass team.  Despite what was written last week, Canberra (not WC) are the only undefeated team in the Women’s grade and look like staying that way!  Final Score Can 52, CN/Yass 28 (2-0)  In the Qbn vs Belconnen match, the rink points were shared but the big win to Donna Seddon’s rink for Qbn made the difference to the big board result.  Final Score Qbn 48, Bel 38 (1-1)  Buoyed by new mascot “Wilber the Wildbat’, there was no stopping Weston Creek when they hosted the QRSLM2 ladies.  Kirsten Steele’s rink was the best performed with a +13 contribution.  Final Score WC 47, QRSLM2 30 (2-0).  CN had the  bye. Current Ladder:WC 40, Can 38, QRSLM1 28, CN 24, Qbn 20, Tug 18, Bel 14, QRSLM2 10 (with WC, Tug & CN/Yass still to have the bye).