Bowls ACT 2024 Calendar and COP Released

by Bowls ACT on October 20, 2023

Bowls ACT are excited for the 2024 season and continued growth in participation in all events

Bowls ACT today release the Calendar and Conditions of Play for the 2024 playing season. Following feedback from all events the Match Committee have approved the key changes as listed below:

2024 Calendar – Key Changes

Bowls ACT have listened to member feedback and have brought forward the commencement of the 2024 Weekend Pennant competition with February & March the overwhelming preferred months for play in the member surveys. This earlier start will see the Grand Final weekend held on the last weekend of April, weather permitting!

ACT Singles have been moved to the month of May, when green conditions should be optimal and players likely to have found some touch through the pennant season.

While Bowls ACT remain conscious of weather as the extremes of the ACT climate mean that some events are likely to be played in hot and cold conditions, however the Over 60’s Pairs & Fours have been brought forward from May to March & April to increase the likelihood of favorable mid-week conditions.

Bowls ACT thank all clubs who provided feedback and appreciate that any calendar will never please everyone, but improvement rather than perfection is continues to be sought. Clubs wishing to have tournaments listed can can contact Bowls ACT

2024 COP – Key Changes

The changes to the 2024 COP are see mostly minor updates to punctuation and referencing. For all 2024 Bowls ACT competitions the play will be conducted under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark 4th Edition, April 2023 unless specific domestic or local regulations are in place.

Follow from strong feedback the default Pennant start time will revert to 10:00am but can be altered by mutual agreement between the competing sides.

Due to BowlsLink ladder formatting Bowls ACT competitions will determine winners as follows for round robin competitions:

  1. Points
  2. Highest Shot Difference – (Shots for less shots against)
  3. Highest Shot Percentage – (Shots for divided by shots against)

Finally the COP makes reference to a new competition, the Bowls ACT Graded Reserve Championships which are intended to offer greater opportunities for lower graded players to compete. Further information will be released in due course.