2021 ACT Triples

by corourke on January 4, 2021

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January 16, 2021

Well that’s all from Canberra Bowling Club and Yowani CC Bowling Club

Edwards/Read/Crowe take it out over Tonkin/Charker/O’Shaughnessy 20 – 17 in a thrilling match, changing hands numerous times throughout the 25 ends.

Cartledge takes the win over Mengel 31 – 15 and Moore takes it out 28 – 17 over Morrison in the Women’s Semi Final over at Yowani leaving an all QRSL affair for the Final tomorrow.

Check in tomorrow morning to get the results in the Women’s

Men’s Semi Final Results

Tonkin/Charker/O’Shaughnessy 28 – 20 McAlister/Robertson/McLean

Edwards/Read/Crowe 24 – 20 Edwards/Edwards/Turner

Final coming up this afternoon between the teams from Canberra Bowling Club and Queanbeyan RSLM Bowling Club

Women’s Quarter Final Results

Tye/Clout/Morrison 22 – 14 Warren/Auld/Stitt

Frey/Rice/Hawkins 7 – 38 More/James/Lalor

Stenner/Hunt/Hancock 15 – 23 Hunt, C/Webster/Cartledge

Bachetto/Harmer/Steele 24 – 26 Trounce/Cornish/Mengel

Semi Finals to be played this afternoon at Yowani CC Bowling Club

2021 ACT Men’s Triples

2021 ACT Women’s Triples

January 10, 2021

We’ve got double the action today as the Women’s Triples kick off at Yowani as well. Results coming in as we get them throughout the day. Stay tuned!

Well, it’s heating up but we’re through the first half of the day. Women moving on to the second round and the Men move on to the Quarter Finals this afternoon after a break for lunch.

Follow the scores through the link at the top of the page throughout the tournament.

Women’s Second Round

Dalton/Mitchell/Blunden v Tye/Clout/Morrison

Warren/Auld/Stitt v McClure/Shipp/McGown

Harries-Mayes/McInnes/Bourbon 20 – 28 Frey/Rice/Hawkins (played in the morning)

Moore/James/Lalor v Birch/Clarke/Gillespie

Seddon/Gruber/Cave v Stenner/Hunt, M/Hancock

Hunt, C/Webster/Cartledge v Hargraves/Jackson/McCaskill

Bachetto/Harmer/Steele v Moxon/Ogle/Fardell

Rowe/Marquet/Hogan v Trounce/Cornish/Mengel

Men’s Quarter Finals

Schoobert/van Reech/Markovic v Edwards, D/Edwards, B/Turner

Greenhalgh/Gray/Ward v Edwards, J/Crowe/Read

McAlister, H/Robertson/McLean v Tonkin/Fitzpatrick/Watts

Tonkin/Charker/O’Shaughnessy v Freebody/Cory/Beaumont

That’s a wrap on a hot day in the sun. Plenty of action across the venues and plenty of results we didn’t see coming. Check in during the week for some more information about the Finals coming up on the 16th and 17th of January.

Check the links at the top of the page for results and draws to come.

January 9, 2021

We’re underway for 2021! Welcome to the New Year, one we’re all hoping will be an improvement on the last.

Results from the Frist half of Round 1 are starting come in now. Click on the link above to watch them as they come in.

After a fantastic day of Bowls we’re moving through to the 2nd Round tomorrow at Canberra Bowling Club. Click the link above to find the scores from the day, or have a look below at the matches to come in the morning.

Schoobert/van Reech/Markovic v Monfries/Farr/Bielski

Edwards, D/Edwards, B/Turner v Bice, M/McInnes/Bice, J

Greenhalgh/Gray/Ward v Hawkins/Steely/Hogan

Edwards, J/Crowe/Read v Smith/Lawson/Freeman

Sheppard/McInnes/Bourne v McAlister/Robertson/McLean

Tonkin/Fitzpatrick/Watts v Peric/Penny/Croker

Tonkin/Charker/O’Shaughnessy v Kelly/Savino/Johnston

Collins/Haynes/Hills v Freebody/Corby/Beaumont

January 4, 2021

We’ve had some updates to the Draw for the Men’s and the Women’s as of January 4, 2021. Click on the respective link below to find your draw!

2021 ACT Men’s Triples

2021 ACT Women’s Triples